Posted on Apr 30, 2019

Peace and love

Would you love some free money

Apr 30, 2019 – May 7, 2019
Hey hey,peace and love everyone how are you all?i hope o.k anyway i have some money to give to you, not much but it can do something, anyway, here is how it goes,i am going to give you the first three rhymes words for the chorus of a very new song i made,and you are going to tell me the other two rhyme words, i am going to use to complete the chorus of the song,the winner will receive 30 u.s dollars,I cant afford anything more at this time as i am trying to help to make this world a better place,everything nowadays cost as i often hear people say it take cash to care,for example promotion, this religion is design to save life's and help this world to be a better place. Anyway this is how the competition goes, for example, these are my words originally, dad lad sad pad nad had.say i give you the first four words,which is, dad lad sad pad, and say which other two two rhymes words i have in the chorus? the answer would be,nad that's how it works anyway here are the words i want you to tell me what i am going to say next,you just need to tell me the two other rhyme words in the chorus of the song, i burn Satan full pull bull,now what are the next two rhymes i have in the chorus of this song? please check my website for details of how to reach me.
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