Posted on Apr 27, 2019

Peace and love

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Apr 27, 2019 – May 4, 2019
Hi one of my white friend, have been heal from breast cancer,night before last night, i went to visit my white friends that is in the island,anyway after i was in a hotel room with four of them,one of them said that she want to have a talk with me,I said sure,anyway she was telling me she had a lump in her breast, and the doctor said it is breast cancer, she said she was afraid, to do the surgery, she said it is stressing her out,i told her i have a solution, which is Christ,I told her i am sure he can help her,but i don't know if he will, anyway long story short,I told them to make a circle and let me pray for her,we made a circle holding hands,I hope you understand,anyway,after praying we were there talking,until she said she was going to the bathroom, anyway when she came out she said the lump in her breast is no longer there, you know something, she don't need to do any surgery again, the same night they were offering me money,I told them i can't take it,because God told me when these miracle happened I should not take any money,i and Christ have a link,and if I disobey,I am going to loose that link,they were saying before even this,from they arrive and offering me things, I keep telling them its o.k,but i am helping them,and I don't want them to feel i am charging them,if I say much more in this post,instagram will cut it off peace mr.turn
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