Posted on Apr 23, 2019

Cheap album

Hi,join me, and buy my 12 track album for $4 on bandcamp, if you support me by buying my 12 track album, you will be helping to make this world a better place,for you and for me,and the next generation,hey it is not about me,its about you,my focus is not getting rich,my focus is helping to save your life,it is not important to me about riches on this earth,what is important to me is the longterm riches,in heaven, that Christ prepare for you and me,it is not worth anyone killing themselves,over anything in this world,for example, someone is poor,most of their life's, and if they get Rich,there comes,some other trouble,when is not one thing is the other,but i know the value of money,example,i love to brush my teeth,and toothpaste cost money,i love to bathe, the soap cost money,if i don't pay for my WiFi bill one month,they will cut it off,so i can't communicate with you on instagram,but with me,i just would love to have enough so i can live,and help to save your life,the body is the temple of God,so i have to make sure,my mouth is clean and don't have any smell,my body etc,any money i make through the music,go towards helping to make this world a better place for you,but please be reminded if you don't have the money to buy my album, but you would want my entire album,just contact me,and i will send you a link to download my entirely album right away free of cost
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