Posted on Jun 5, 2019

i am battling satan

Hi,i am battling satan the most dangerous and deadly, physically, spiritually, biblically, lyrically,its no joke,i am at a place now,where satan took away two little boys,its no joke,there is a river near by,where some tree are,two little boys went to the river,the river is very low,the river catch me at my ankle,when i stand up in it, the two little boys went to the river, and satan took them away, they were never heard from or seen again, i know some people will be wondering if what i am saying is real,its very real, some nights, i see satan flying from down the river,sometimes  i go to the location at the river that I think is satan base,look i am talking about satan,that is the mastermind of world war one and two, the satan that is behind all war and killing, i have a lot more to say concerning this topic, but in a next post,but before i go,i want to ask you a question, i am about to go to the recording studio to record and release my hip hop album, do you think i  should release a twenty five track album? how much track do you thing i should, release on the album? anything you say,please give me your feedback, it is very important to me,i love people,why i am satan main target,is because Christ gave me the mission to help save life's through the medium of the music,and he know it is going to work,so if i am out of the picture,he will get his will, anyway peace love you. Please click my website link below for more details and follow me on instagram
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