Posted on May 27, 2019

burn crime and violence

i love people, i don't care about your colour or how you look,i just love people,i love animals also but i love people more, i love when people are Happy,i read every message, i receive, but if i realize,i can't make someone happy,there maybe a delay in responding,for example if someone want me to sponsor them with money,and i realize, i can't help, i myself feel sad,anyway another person, i knew, had cancer badly,the doctor say,they don't think they can save her life, and they said they are not sure what to do,this person have money,she also told me,there was a lump and a pump,in her breast,and from i anoint her,with my healing oil,the lump and pump left,now she is free from cancer,she don't have cancer anymore, this happened in less than five minutes, the doctors say they are not sure what to do,but Christ knows exactly what to do,queens will fail you,kings will fail you,things in this world will fail you,but Jesus Christ cannot fail you,can anyone show me, or tell me,about any love that is greater than the love of Jesus Christ,that is not possible,there is none
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